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The 2019 Challenge

The 2019 Challenge

Ready for the 2019 Challenge?

In much the same as previous years I’m going to set you all a challenge. Like the previous challenges, which have included the 'Great Fire Challenge' and the phenomenally popular ‘Empty Pot Challenge', this one is not difficult or expensive but it may result in some interesting and unexpected stories.

This year’s challenge is: The Big Hidden Book Challenge. Here’s what you need to do.

Choose a book

Ideally it should be big so as to be easy to spot. It could be either a picture book, a combination of pictures and text, or even a colouring book; fiction or factual.

It should have a prominent cover design to make it intriguing but whatever you do don’t pick a book that is precious for some reason – the likelihood is that it will not survive the challenge!

Now go and hide it

Hide it somewhere outside - somewhere tucked away where it cannot be easily seen until you stumble across it, such as behind a set of bushes, hidden around a corner or maybe in a tree branch. Wherever you put it should be discoverable but not too obvious.

And then

Watch it – follow its journey. Record what happens to it, where it is transported to, who picks it up, is it used by one person alone or shared. If it droped, is it picked back up again, and how?

If it seems to be abandoned at any point simply hide it again. In fact, keep making it disappear and reappear from time to time on different days but in different places.

If you get asked

If anyone asks you anything about the book use the phrase that is by far the most common used by Playworkers all over the world – “I don’t know!” That’s right, lie! No, seriously, this is meant to be a mystery remember.

Now what

Document the books journey and send photos of what happens to the marcatplay facebook page here or in a private FB message or even email.

Show me the book and the hiding place and tell me why you chose those.

Document the journey with text and pics and remember as well to note your name/centre and I will then gather up all the stories together and include them in a special facebook album.


Please note that I have a policy of not using photos in which children’s faces are blurred or blanked out so make sure you have full photo permission for any of your images that include children or catch back of head shots. You can read more about the reasoning behind the photo policy in an old blog piece here.  

And that’s it

Off you go … I’m really looking forward to seeing your result. Let’s see what happens and who is first to report!.


Marc Armitage

Please feel free to comment and share as you wish.

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