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People out there may have noticed some significant changes to the way I’ve been I presenting written work in the last few months. I’ve now divided things into ‘long-reads’ (pieces of around 1,800-words or about 10 minutes of reading) and ‘short-reads’ (pieces of under 300-words or about 2 minutes of reading tops).

We have become a little complacent when it comes to reading, I think, and in the days of fast media and sound-bites we seem to have become uncomfortable with reading anything of length and detail unless we are on a fully-signed up college course. This is not a good-thing.

My aim with the longs and the shorts is to persuade people to get back in the groove of spending time to read and then also to encourage engagement, debate, discussion and sharing. The long-reads provide referenced essays that tackle the question of play, playing and Playwork from a broad range of directions ... the short-reads are the snappy observational blog-type pieces.

And yes, for those that have asked, there is something else in the pipeline.


Long-reads are now appearing on the new thoughtcrime page on my website (the next piece to be published is a bit of hero-worship).

Short-reads are now appearing on my Facebook page at  and there is a summary of the shorts so far below (which will be listed on my website from time to time). Enjoy but also please #engage and #comment.

Short-reads on Facebook as of 17/12/2016:

:: Puddles and school opening ceremonies

:: Sorting bookshelves

:: Extremes of temperature

:: A pool noodle

:: Conference Team meeting

:: Deep play and sausages

:: Indexing old photos